Tyler Hays of BDDW

I first met Tyler when I was living in Philadelphia and had opened up a small shop in the Fishtown neighborhood on Frankford Avenue. Tyler had a massive studio in Philadelphia and would often park his car near my shop when he and his team would go for lunch. It was on one of those lunch outings that he saw the oversized antique hand painted murals hanging in my storefront windows. A few days prior I had been sourcing vintage industrial pieces and came upon the murals. They had been cast aside, rolled up and left on a cold and damp concrete floor. Not seeing the images, but understanding the scale, I quickly scooped them up and hoisted each onto my shoulder and into my rental truck. There were a lot of trips to the truck that day! Arriving back at my shop I couldn't wait to unroll the murals to see what was on them. To my great delight I saw the scenes - nature scenes, animal scenes, fishing scenes - they were stunning. And Tyler thought so too. Understanding their importance, Tyler purchased the entire collection. They now decorate his New York City and Milan showrooms. Here are a few pics…