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Modern Look Book is your entry into the world of vintage, antique, modern and contemporary finds presented in today's top interior design projects. The Modern Look Book concept was developed by Heather Karlie Vieira of 20th Century by HKFA as a place to share some of her favorite finds as they go from early morning flea market score to the interiors of some of the world's top designers. Additionally, Heather wanted to share the talents of her friends and colleagues - artists, designers, entrepreneurs - and promote their work. Modern Look Book blends vintage with contemporary, antique with modern and shares the spotlight for all.
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My daughters and I traveled to Red Hook, Brooklyn the other night for a very special exhibition. We were going there to see works by our friend Clintel Steed among other New York City artists. But we were also going there to see our very own portrait. It's just that the girls didn't know that our portrait would be part of the exhibition. To say that they were surprised would be an understatement. Want to know more? Click the pics above to see what's new (and more) on my Instagram!
Soon our portrait will hang in our home and we will have a daily reminder of how we can create our own traditions.
March 12, 2018
Let me back track a bit to catch you all up. Back in the late Fall / early Winter of 2017 I was visiting the studio of Clintel Steed. While there I gave thought to the word tradition and how that impacts our day-to-day lives. When thinking about different traditions, I thought about the family portrait. And how this portrait was and is still often reserved for those who are in certain positions in society. Why does classical portraiture celebrate the 1%? Perhaps this is one tradition that could use some revising. Former United States President Barack Obama chose an artist to paint his portrait for the Smithsonian gallery. This artist is widely known for his depictions of everyday people in classical portraiture settings. Mr. Kehinde Wildey removed the barriers to portraiture and forced us to re-examine the tradition. So when both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Obama's portraits were reveled, I was secretly thinking about the work that Clintel Steed had been doing all these months past. You see, my daughters and I had been sitting for him in his studio on weekends and days off from school to have our portrait painted. To see our portrait in an exhibition really took the girls and I to another level of appreciation and understanding. It is truly something special. Soon our portrait will hang in our home and we will have a daily reminder of how we can create our own traditions. Click the pics to read more! Keep up to date with my latest finds on my Instagram feed and feel free to drop me a line sometime…
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"The pieces you design for your client's homes are integral to them, to their presentation, enjoyment and understanding. The details aren't the details, they are the design. Hi, I'm Heather Karlie Vieira of 20th Century by HKFA and I'd like to share with you how I incorporated custom design into my inventory of antique and vintage furnishings. You could say that it started back in 2007 when I was selling antique and period picture frames in Manhattan. My clients were the owners of the elite Upper East Side art galleries and I was their source for picture frames." Visit the Design Campus blog here.
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The Southern Style Now Show House in the Savannah Historic District features the work of New York City based interior designer Patrick Hamilton. Patrick created the Southern Study for the second year of this wildly popular show house presented by Traditional Home. Patrick incorporated at 19th Century marble statue of Psyche and a 20th Century high polished abstract bronze statue, both sourced from 20th Century by HKFA. Visit their website here.
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The premier 2016 Southern Style Now / Traditional Home show house in New Orleans featured the design prowess of Atlanta based interior designer Michel Smith Boyd. Mr. Boyd's design for the first floor study incorporated a contemporary painting by New York City artist Clintel Steed. Mr. Boyd first saw Mr. Steed's work at the Modern Look Book debut in April 2016. Visit their website here.
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The Christopher Kennedy Compound show house in Palm Springs in 2016 was an incredible fund raising event and featured the work of several interior design super stars, including Justin Shaulis. Mr. Shaulis' guest suite design incorporated a collection of vintage furniture and furnishings that I sourced from flea markets and estate sales throughout the Northeast and New England. The collaboration was a wonderful success and Mr. Shaulis' room was received with much fanfare. Visit their website here.
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The 2014 edition of Holiday House New York City in the Academy Mansion featured the interior design of Patrick Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton's room, Derby Deconstructed, was an homage to the annual Kentucky Derby race day. I was honored to loan an oversize, vintage, abstract, shaped canvas painting with colors that evoked those of the silks worn by jockeys. Visit their website here.
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Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen are internationally acclaimed designers and the force behind the Nicholas Haslam design studio. Mr. Moschino bought the studio in 1995 and together he and Mr. Vergeylen have grown the brand into one of the most prominent names in the design world. The pair has recently authored and released their first book, Signature Spaces, available now. I first met Mr. Moschino and Mr. Vergeylen at an antique fair in 2013 where I had the pleasure of selling them several pieces and continue to source pieces for them. Visit their website here.
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Thom Filicia is the New York City based designer and founder of his namesake brand in 1998. Mr. Filicia's credits go beyond the design world and onto the small screen as part of the hit show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy which lead to several other television appearances. I first met Mr. Filicia at an antiques fair in 2014 where he purchased a vintage Italian table from me. This table is a prominent fixture in his Sedgwick and Brattle showroom in the New York Design Center. Visit his website here.
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Michel Smith Boyd is the Atlanta based interior designer who has both Southern charm and a big city style. Mr. Boyd has established himself as a well respected and award winning designer. I first met Mr. Boyd at a design event in Las Vegas and later reconnected with him at an antique fair. Mr. Boyd was drawn to a collection of contemporary art by New York City based artist Clintel Steed whom I was representing. Mr. Steed's work was later incorporated into one of his designs. Visit his website here.
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Tyler Hays is the Philadelphia-based, Oregon-raised, New York City furniture designer who has made a name for himself through curiosity and an ultra-strict attention to detail. The BDDW brand, Mr. Hays' company and a throwback to his beginnings in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, creates bespoke furniture, lighting, ceramics, clothing and just about anything else that Mr. Hays can dream up. Mr. Hays has also opened a general store in his hometown in Oregon where he plans to sell his own pieces. I first met Mr. Hays in my retail shop in Philadelphia. I had been selling him a few industrial pieces and paintings, when I came upon a collection of antique wildlife murals. Mr. Hays bought the entire collection. They now are featured in his SoHo and Milan galleries. Visit his website here.
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Justin Shaulis is the New York City based interior designer with a background in architecture and specialized expertise in programming, development, fabrication and construction. Mr. Shaulis is a designer who embodies the word custom. Mr. Shaulis opened his name sake firm in 2002 and since has enjoyed a notable list of clients, has won awards and participated in several shophouses. I first met Mr. Shaulis through shared social media friends and later in person at an antique fair. Our shared love of vintage and design gave us so much to talk about that our friendship was instantaneous. I was honored when he approached me to source vintage furnishings for his suite at the Christopher Kennedy Compound show house in Palm Springs. Visit his website here.
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Ron Marvin is the New York City based interior designer whose love of antiques has permeated his ubiquitous style of Gentleman's Chic. Hailing from Iowa, Mr. Marvin began his career in visual merchandising with top level retailers. Well over a decade ago, Mr. Marvin founded his namesake brand and has been well received by both clients and the media. I first met Mr. Marvin at the New York City flea market where our shared love of antiques made us fast friends. Mr. Marvin is a regular designer at charity events and I have had the pleasure of donating to his beautifully appointed rooms and being part of the greater good. Visit his website here.
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Patrick Hamilton is the New York City based interior designer who has built his business on his Invest, Save, Splurge style. Mr. Hamilton began his namesake design business in 2008 and has tailored his approach to Manhattan style living - with both small space solutions and luxury apartment design. I first met Mr. Hamilton at an industry dinner after the 2014 What's New What's Next event. Mr. Hamilton was designing his Derby Deconstructed room at Holiday House and had been searching for a special piece to complete his design. I was honored to have loaned him an oversize, vintage, abstract, shaped canvas painting that I had sourced in Philadelphia. The painting was a great hit and was later sold to an Upper East Side art gallery. Visit his website here.
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Kelli Ellis is the California based celebrity interior designer who has created a brand of livable luxury. Ms. Ellis has an extensive, international background and education that is the foundation of her design ethos - inspired spaces, inspired life. I first met Ms. Ellis at an industry event in Las Vegas where I was selected to lead a tour for her Design Campus brand. Ms. Ellis and I quickly became friends and when we reconnected at an antique fair, she immediately sought me out to source vintage finds and art for her furniture line debut at the Universal Furniture showroom. In addition to sourcing table items, Ms. Ellis was also taken by the contemporary work of New York City based painted Clintel Steed and Philadelphia based street photographer Michael Penn. She selected works by both artists to feature prominently in the showroom. Visit her website here.
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Clintel Steed is a New York City based painter and artist. Mr. Steed holds a BFA in Painting from the Art Institute of Chicago, an MFA from Indiana University and has completed Advanced Studies at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. Born in Utah in 1977, Mr. Steed tied his easel to the top of his Cadillac in 2001 and drove to New York City. He found gallery representation with Mark Borghi and Borghi Gallery and has exhibited throughout New York City, the Hamptons, New Orleans and Philadelphia. Mr. Steed is an artist who represents the urgency and grit that was synonymous with New York City in the 1970's and 1980's and whose message is as current as ever. Visit his website here.
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Michael Penn is a Philadelphia and New York based street photographer. He is the son of the late industrial artist and photographer, Alvin Penn. The younger Mr. Penn has lived in the Art Gallery District of Old City Philadelphia for over two decades. Mr. Penn has exhibited in group shows from Manhattan to Santiago, Chile and has work in the permanent collections of several high profile Philadelphia based businesses. Mr. Penn has taken on the responsibility of showing the gentrification of Philadelphia as well as New York City through his poignant street photography. Visit his website here.
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Montauk Style is a Sydney, Australia based linen bedding designer founded by model and entrepreneur Martyn Feller. Mr. Feller combined a love of fashion, design and travel to create his luxurious line of pure French linen bedding. With the flax cultivated in Normandy, France the line of sheets, pillow cases and duvets are of the highest quality. The Montauk Style brand is designed to flow in the bedroom providing a chic, elegant and lived-in look reflective of the natural and uncomplicated beauty of the fabric. Visit their website here.
You know it's art when the check clears
Andy Warhol
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20th Century by HKFA was the next step from my New York City based antique picture frame sourcing business, Heather Karlie Fine Art. After a few years of sourcing, buying and selling antique, period and modernist style frames, I began to deal in furniture, furnishings, lighting, art, sculpture… And so 20th Century by HKFA was born. Click here to see more!
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Heather Karlie Fine Art started off in a 341 square foot apartment in New York's West Village. Early morning sourcing at the Chelsea flea market yielded armfuls of antique, period and modernist picture frames. A quick email or two, appointments made on the Upper East Side and a subway ride were all part of my routine. I was sourcing for the top galleries in NYC. Click here to read more!


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