Holiday House NYC 2014

It was a little over two years ago that I met New York City based interior designer Patrick Hamilton. I was attending a dinner hosted by Massachusetts based talent agents Fashion+Decor and had the pleasure of sitting in between Iris Dankner, the founder of Holiday House and breast cancer survivor, and Patrick Hamilton, a returning alumnus of Holiday House. Talk about lucky! We had a fabulous dinner and wonderful conversation. It was a pleasure to learn about Holiday House. It was then that our conversation turned to business when Patrick asked if I had anything horse related in inventory. Grabbing for my phone, I scrolled through image after image of items - a tole rose trellis coffee table, a Tang style Chinese horse lamp, a Mexican steel wall sculpture of Polo players - but none fit the bill. I was determined though to show Patrick something that he would like. And then it hit me, a couple weeks prior I had purchased an oversized vintage abstract shaped canvas painting that had the color scheme of the silks worn by jockeys. Wanting to make a big impression, I presented the image with a great deal of fanfare and it was met with a resounding yes! A month or so after the dinner, I rented a truck and drove the painting from Massachusetts to New York City. Patrick's room, a take on the Kentucky Derby called Derby Deconstructed was a huge hit. I was honored to be part of it! Here are a few pics…